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Lakshmi returns with intense electro pop track ‘Lullaby’
Dutch pop artist Lakshmi is currently working on her third studio album. The follow up to 2018’s Siren is supposed to come out sometime next year. Before Lakshmi goes on tour in the Netherlands with a Covid-19 proof show Huidhonger (about the universal need for affection) later this month, she drops a brand new single taken from the upcoming record, titled ‘Lullaby’, and it is one of the best things she has put her name to yet!

Don’t let the title of this track fool you, because it sounds nothing like a ‘Lullaby’. I would say that this intense electro pop banger is quite the opposite actually. The song describes an unhealthy love affair in which your only goal is to be seen by the other person.During the verses, Lakshmi sings in a sensual tone how even her breathing needs to be in sync with her lover. The chorus kicks off with a loud electro breakdown and the catchy repetition of the sentence ‘how I like it’. After this, similar melodies and lyrics to the verses are repeated, but this time in a more energetic and in your face manner.

‘Lullaby’ is a fierce electro pop banger. The production is loud and out there and Lakshmi’s vocal work matches the energy of the heavy beat drop. The lyrics are spot on for anyone who has been in a similar dysfunctional love affair and her delivery of the words is as intense as it should be. ‘Lullaby’ proves itself to be addictive too, because I can’t stop hitting the replay button!

In the music video, Lakshmi dressed up in just golden body paint to symbolize her self worth.


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New Single Lullalby out now

Zangeres Lakshmi begint later deze maand aan haar theatertour met de voorstelling Huidhonger en werkt ondertussen aan een nieuw album, dat volgend jaar moet verschijnen. De eerste single Lullaby is alvast een feit en een slaapliedje is het zeker niet. Het intense en verleidelijke electropopnummer gaat over het gevoel dat je compleet afhankelijk bent van de liefde van iemand, vertelt Lakshmi in gesprek met “Je doet alles om gezien te worden door die persoon, wat natuurlijk destructief is.” In de video hult de zangeres zich in gouden bodypaint, wat symbool staat voor eigenwaarde. “Je moet je eigen god of godin zijn en je niet kapot laten maken door één persoon.”


Bekijk hier de video en stream het op o.a. Spotify :